Intelligent Content

Our intelligent content framework sits at the heart of every magazine, website or video we create for our clients. We believe it’s the right way to do content marketing, so we never miss an opportunity to shout about it. Whilst we could probably spend all day talking about it, we like to break it down into the following parts.


Technical but Accessible




Content for B2B can often include a lot of technical detail that, in the wrong hands, can feel a bit too much like hard work for audiences. We don’t think that’s fair.

Our creative experts challenge expectations about what business content is. We present complex ideas in simple and imaginative ways that audiences are excited to read, watch or listen to. You can see it in our heritage of creating high impact membership publications as well as our more recent work helping to inform small business owners.  

At the end of the day all marketing is people-to-people, so let’s start acting like it. Intelligent Content helps us do it.


Insight Rich



B2B audiences don’t have any time for fluff. When it comes to their work, they aren’t going to make time for something that isn’t going to help them do their job or run the business better.   

We’re experts at getting to the heart of the issue and creating content that answers the real challenges of our clients’ customers. And, if we don’t have the subject matter expertise in house, we can always find the right people through our network of 1000 B2B creative experts on Content Cloud®.

Content marketing builds trust when it fulfils an actual purpose. Intelligent Content chips away at the irrelevant until all that’s left is the useful and insightful.



Programmatic and Personalised



When targeting the B2B, marketers can often bemoan the small and difficult to reach audiences. We think this is an opportunity.

We embrace the longer buyer journey as an opportunity to learn more about our audiences and adapt. Our custom platforms give us the ability to build unique user journeys that are tailored to individual customers rather than segments. We’re helping clients to democratise content strategy, closing the gap between the frontline and marketing teams to deliver more of what people want and need.

Business as usual doesn’t cut it when it comes to content marketing. Intelligent Content listens to its audience, evolving to meet their needs and interests.