Royal Bank of Scotland - Private Banking ContentLive launches

Today saw the launch of ContentLive for the Private Banking arm of RBSG, with bespoke sites launched for the NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland brands.

As part of the overall ContentLive platform solution (first built and launched for RBSG in Nov 2015) the Private Banking extension sees the first time the retail banking clients of the bank get their own offering of ContentLive.

What began with the Corporate and Commercial banking team in November 2015, and extended into the Business Banking team in March 2016, now sees our custom built Knowledge Bank platform (called ContentLive by RBSG) extend its opportunities to all Private banking customers and staff across the UK.

With further developments and launches planned later in the year we are looking forward to ContentLive helping RBSG to strengthen client and customer engagement and enable thousands of its relationship managers to have a more valued and interactive relationship with their contacts, making it ever easier to manage, source and distribute content direct to their clients.