The ConTech revolution

Disruptive technology has had a seismic impact on sectors as diverse as mobile telecommunications, financial services, green energy and even the taxicab market with the rise of Uber. The arrival of a new wave of content-oriented technologies has also put the content marketing industry on the verge of its own disruptive ConTech revolution.

Only the smartest and most agile businesses, those that show a willingness to adapt, will survive in this fast-moving world. In no uncertain terms the future will present a number of challenges to brands. How will your company stay ahead of the competition?

Making the right choices is essential, but more difficult than ever. Content marketing suppliers are now ubiquitous. Almost every agency and platform claim they can create content. But every penny spent on ineffective material weakens businesses and makes them more vulnerable to competitors.

Generic, mediocre content pushed out to a broad, untargeted audience no longer works. There is no point in starting a conversation if you cannot finish it and it is even worse if you have nothing relevant to say in the first place. With the value of content now in question more than ever, the focus has very much turned to how brands can achieve cut through and relevance in order to gain genuine engagement with their audience.

Customers have rising expectations. And so do the search engines. Increasingly, both are favouring brands that use personalised, high-quality, insightful and useful content.  Progressive Content combine the most compelling elements of content and technology to deliver bespoke and effective solutions for our clients.

As the only agency with its own content marketing platform, Content Cloud®, Progressive Content is uniquely placed at the forefront of the ConTech revolution. The combination of our powerful network of 1,000 content experts, bespoke workflow solutions and tools that increase effectiveness and track return on investment are catapulting brands ahead of the competition.

We can help your business thrive. Contact us to find out how.